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nyvinter #5

J. Nicklas Andersson.

So far, I've been self-taught in photography, illustration and typography. I like people and shadows, both of these makes anything feel more alive to me. Without anything alive, I just can't care as much as I should. To me, there's something melancholic in most of the photos I've taken. It's not something I strive for, it's just there like some sort of fingerprint I leave behind. In many cases it's not even the important emotion I try to convey, it's more a foundation, a something that binds everything together. Like string cheese.

The drawings tend to be more diverse, I've used a wacom pen since forever now, going from UltraPad II to Intuos 4 to Cintiq 13HD. Programwise I've been all over, photoshop to painter and then back. The last few years though it's been Clip Studio Paint. It got great brushes and — most importantly — allows me to draw on huge "canvases" without turning the computer into an Unbunny song (You know, "Glacier".)

I could use fancy words that mean nothing but what I do comes from three things:

Having said that, don't expect me to go out of my way and do shit just to satisfy the second bullet.

As Jordan Cronenweth said: "It's not what you light, it's what you don't light that separates you from everyone else." This is true in both photography and drawing.

Addicted to 50mm, pens and gadgets and stuff.
"Come. You’ll buy me a drink. We’ll scheme." currently acts as a gathering place outwards towards social media.

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