Joss Whedon for God 2005 2007

joss as cartoon

From the old campaign

The current deities have been dormant for 2000 years or more. Some of them even forgot to notify their new address. Frankly, we've grown tired of this. We want a Deity that can deliver. Therefore, in 2005, we'll have an election about who will be the new Godhead.

Needless to say, we promote Joss Whedon because in him we trust and he's yet to let us down. (The Angel episode "She" was not by Whedon and cannot be used against him. So there. (And even so, that episode features some strokes of bloody brilliance.)) And, right now in the early days of 2004 the possibilities of us actually winning are big. Some claim this is because Mr Whedon is so far the only candidate. While this might be true, we wave our hands and say "Bah!" This is not the reason why we'll win, we'll win because we're righteous and have the Firefly DVDs on our side.

As of 25/1 -05, there are some form of plans for a crusade, but at the moment the four members of the board (Grand Treasurer, 2nd Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Extra Treasurer) can't seem to agree how the crusade should manifest itself. The first wants to invade Gaul, the second and forth want to drink coffee and the third wants to... well. No one really knows except training to sing the Giles bits from OMWF.

The new deal

{ 4/5 -05 } Due to a slight problem we hadn't anticipated we're now focusing on a re-election 2007 and declare the election in 2005 illegal. Not just because Joss lost and Lou Ferrigno* was voted God instead, but because we have proof that the election was rigged.

When we stole one of the voting boxes we found about 5820 votes for Lou Ferrigno -- in that voting box alone. Come on! It's impossible that he has that many fans. The three of us involved in district 48 got pains our hands after we had added only about 1500 votes for Joss -- may the light shine on his redheaded... eh, head -- not to cheat we must add, but to even things out and to reflect reality.

Something must be done and we demand a re-election! And we want it soon, in 2007 as a matter of fact as we really need to gather our people on this and show our strength. Too soon and we might lose -- again. Down with the usurper! Let Joss have his rightful place!

Inspired of the elections on the other side of the pond, we've decided to add another name to the ballot. If we're going to replace the God, why not do some changes in the entire staff? Exactly. Episode 5 and 6 of the second season of Batman -- the tv-show from the 60s -- featured a villain groupie named Octavia. Really cute and with a hair shaped like a note. We're considering her for the position of the Holy Spirit. Who will be Jesus is still up for discussion.

A new PDF with the new campaign material as well as other stuff will be up shortly, but for now, here's a photo of a tv showing the Godmaterial Himself. You can also send an mail to us if you want to.