The hug a Timmy project

tim minear

This here is Tim Minear. No silly. It a photograph, but the man on said photograph is Tim Minear. Really really. You might know him as Angel's Tim Minear, or Firefly's Tim Minear, or Wonderfalls' Tim Minear, The Inside's Tim Minear or even as TV's hit Drive's Tim Minear. How you know of him is inconsequential, but we do hope you've seen his shows because in our modest opinions all of them are quite excellent. You don't even have to know him, not properly in that sitting in his livening room and playing with a pack of beagles. All you have to know is how he looks so that when you do meet him, you can give him a hug.

Yeah, that's all you have to do. Give him a hug. A big bear hug, a soft squeeze, a manly man hug with a rapid drum-pat on his back -- how you do it is up to you, surprise him. As long as it's a hug and the man you hug is Timmy, we don't care. If you hug someone else though, well, we hope you have a good reason. Or else.

Make the world a better place with some gore on tv. So give Tim a hug.

Tims own response to this was "I don't hug" and "Ugh", but it is human to try anyway.

This message is sponsored by the four committees for the preservation of the tv-show habitats -- a non-profit cabal that fights for the existance of quality on the tv. They do not own the trademark of Tim Minear or his likeness and as such they should not be approached for any movies about this mans life. They do not recognize the authority of the state of Hollywood in any way and they think popcorn should be eaten with salt and nothing else.